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One Sugar Dream

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If you're looking for a boy with a voice [Mar. 7th, 2006|09:00 pm]
One Sugar Dream
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[mood |productiveproductive]
[music |Jason Mraz - I'll do anything]

One request and one repost. I'm trying to be more timely about responding to requests and questions. I looked through my inbox today and felt so guilty about the build up from the last couple of months of e-mails for various things. I purged it all and am starting over this week.

Tacky & Tsubasa: Venus - (jpop) Okay I pretty much swore off of Tacky and Tsubasa, but Tsubasa cut his hair and somehow that makes it all okay. This is a catchy Spanish inspired boy band ditty. It's also currently my cell phone ringtone. It's just so darn peppy!

HareBare: Ano Basho e - (jpop) Does anyone have any songs by these guys other than this one? I've searched all over Japan and haven't had any luck! You can't get anything on CD Japan and I know...they have to have an album right?
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Shake it like you mean it [Mar. 6th, 2006|09:00 pm]
One Sugar Dream
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[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |w-inds - Break Down Build Up]

I am in a dancing mood! NEED DANCE! GRRRRR!

Teriyaki Boyz: Kamikaze - (hip-hop/rap) The Teriyaki Boyz are Verbal, two guys from Rip Slyme, and Nigo (founder of BAPE)...oh shoot am I forgetting someone? They hook up with some of the best DJs in the world and yet their CD BEEF or CHICKEN is dissapointing! Oh well I started out being angry at the waste of talent, but I find myself listening to the rhymes anyways. The power of Verbal strikes again!

Rip Slyme: Hot Chocolate - (hip-hop/rap) This is one of Rip Slyme's more recent singles and infectious. This will have you hooting along with the song and bouncing in a matter of seconds. Also recommended is their newest release BATTLE FUNKASTIC, a freaking fantastic rock mix of FUNKASTIC.

w-inds: Lill' Crazy - (jpop) For people who like their dance grooves in a more pop friendly style an older w-inds track from their ageha album. Half the reason I love w-inds is their dancing.

Working on reposts tomorrow.
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new year new leaf? [Jan. 6th, 2006|10:04 pm]
One Sugar Dream
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[mood |creativecreative]
[music |GLAY+EXILE - Scream]

Happy New Year ya'll! I hope everyone had a good holiday season! Moving my fingers on the keyboard at the moment is the only thing keeping them from freezing together! brrrr

Repost request - (yeah I'm actually slowly working my way thorugh these ^^)
Mai Kuraki: Love, Day after tomorrow - (jpop) This is from Mai Kuraki's first album, so color me shocked when she showed up this year at Kohaku (the huge New Year music show) singing this song. I have no clue why she would be doing such an old song of hers, but maybe there was a vote campaign to get her on that I missed. Anyways for those not familiar with her I like to think of Mai as Utada Hikaru light. Cute pop style and some catchy hooks, but lacking a bit of vocal range.

Tommy February6: Lonley in Gorgeous - (anime/jpop) I assume this has probably been posted all over, but it's been stuck in my head all week. This is the opening song to the Paradise Kiss anime. Tommy February6 is the former lead singer for the the brilliant green. This song has a super trooper 70s thing going on that I really love.

Memoirs of a Geisha: The journey to the Hanamachi - (OST) Not Japanese music per se, but from a movie set in Japan. I won't expose more people to my ranting about this movie (which yes I actually saw), but the music was gorgeous. It was composed by John Williams with cello solos done by Yo-Yo Ma! Yo-Yo Ma! I worship that man. *cough* Seriously though lovely orchestral music.

hmm I talk too much!
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Brought to you by insomnia! [Nov. 7th, 2005|12:46 am]
One Sugar Dream
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[mood |awakeawake]
[music |雅-Miyavi- - 阿呆祭 -アホまつり-]

I thought that I would just abandon this journal because I haven't updated it in so long, but screw that! I might as well keep it running as long as there are one or two people interested in the music. I am still heavily into Japanese music (yeah living in Japan helps) and I still love to share it. However I am no longer taking requests unless it's a repost because of time issues.

Bonnie Pink: Just a Girl (Chamber Funk Remix) - (jpop) Recently picked up the re*PINK CD which has remixes of some of Bonnie Pink's most popular songs. It's an okay CD with some remixes being really interesting and others falling sadly flat. This is one of my favorite BP songs and I really like the groovy classical instrument track laid underneath her plaintive voice.

Love Psychedelico: Last Smile - (jpop) Have only gotten into Love Psychedelico recently, but she has quite the nice back catalogue of albums. Her sound is very similar to Tuesday Night Music Club era Sheryl Crow, but better (in my humble opinion). She sings in a lot of English and most of the time it doesn't make sense, but I think that's more of her lyrical style and not a matter of misunderstanding the language.

(関ジャニ∞) Kanjani8: Oh! ENKA - (jpop) Kanjani8 are my secret boy band pleasure of the moment. The group is named thusly because it was orignally 8 boys from the Kansai (Osaka) area of Japan. The group is now sporting 6 or 7 members (one was thrown out for drinking problems I believe). Anyways onto the song! It's the current ending theme for the popular and long running anime Nintama Rantaro. Of course every Kanjani8 song is peppered with the Kansai dialect. Not much to say...it's fairly typical boy band fair, meaning it's catchy, but perhaps not particularly quality music. Enjoy it without guilt! You deserve it!

Maybe I can actually fall asleep now...
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happy squee [Jul. 18th, 2005|07:30 pm]
One Sugar Dream
[mood |giddygiddy]
[music |Gackt - Mind Forest]

Bump of Chicken is finally releasing a new single on 7/21 (and yes I will be buying it as soon as I can) Here is an excite page where you can view a clip of the new PV for the song Planetarium.

Excite Bump of Chicken Special Site

It actually looks like some of them have been trying to eat these days too! Any fan letters to BoC should most defintely include a sandwhich or two.

Ah I also have a request of my own (I know I'm so bad at fulfilling requests >.<) My friend wants to go to a Visual Kei concert, but I've been out of the VK loop for a long time and most of my favorite bands are no longer together. Any recommendations? I've heard a lot about Nightmare, but all the other bands look vaguely similar to me so I'd appreciate any VK fans speaking up for their favorites.
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er no comment [Jul. 13th, 2005|09:19 pm]
One Sugar Dream
[mood |busybusy]
[music |Shiki - w-inds]

Uploaded this for my friends. I don't know how long the link will last because it's yousendit, but I'll try to do a real update soon *famous last words I know*

Mr. Children: And I love you - (jpop) I'm not a huge fan of Mr. Children *that's an understatement* but I couldn't get this song out of my head after hearing it on the Cup Noodles commercials 20 million times. It's actually quite a lovely mid-tempo ballad. From his 四次元 Four Dimensions album.
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Sunny days melt my brain, but it's a pleasant fizz [Apr. 28th, 2005|11:46 am]
One Sugar Dream
[Tags|, , , ]
[mood |workingworking]
[music |Joshua Radin - Today]

Moved to a new apartment and lost Internet for another month and a half if you can believe it! oi well that and I'm lazy about uploading and re-naming songs >.<

GO!GO!7188: 天 (ten) - (rock/pop) GO!GO!7188 is an interesting group. There is a high pitched female singer and some really trippy vocals and beats being thrown about. I can't decide how much I like them yet, but this is defintely not your typical jpop fare.

Spitz: 正夢 (Masa Yume) - (rock/pop/alt) I love Spitz in so many millions of ways. This was their first big hit from their latest album Souvenir and was the theme song for the teacher drama Medaka (crappy drama, great song) If you like this song I really recommend this whole album. My favorite Spitz record yet!

キンモクセイ (Kinmokusei): さらば (Saraba) - (pop) This group is 5 guys (I think) that do a lot of 70's retro sounding cute pop songs. Sort of like the Partridge family. Okay maybe not that insipid. This is a really fun song that is also the opening to a kid's anime. The simple opening lines can and will get stuck in your head for days! You have been warned!

100s: Sonata - (pop/rock) 100s (pronounced hyaku-shiki) released their first album OZ recently. It's an interesting mix of styles and the lead singers voice is not easily forgotten. He has a great falsetto too. A lot of my friends have commented that their sound is distinctly non-Japanese (except for the vocals) and you can hear musical similarities to Beck among others. This is one of those groups that's hard to do justice with just one or two songs.

Deleted a lot of the older songs. Doing a smaller update this time in the hopes I can do another one soon and be more consistant ^__^ *crossing fingers*
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I can't forget your smile, I wish I could see the light of heaven [Feb. 13th, 2005|04:21 pm]
One Sugar Dream
[mood |busybusy]
[music |LOVE PSYCHEDELICO - Last Smile]

Boo! Music I was uploading for my friend to try different artists.

I also just got an Audioscrobbler account so if anyone is curious as to what's currently in my playlist (and I've already warned people numerous times about my dubious taste in music) my user name is emika.

175R: Party - (pop/rock) This is my favorite 175R song. It just makes me happy when I listen to it. I went to an 175R concert in Nagoya about two weeks ago, which was awesome! It was my first large Japanese show and the audience was fabulous, the band really put on a good show and best of all they also did this song even though it's off one of their older albums.

Chemistry: Running Away (Spanish Passion) - (r&b) I have been iffy on Chemistry for a long time. This duo does have a pleasant harmony going on however. My mother of all people is actually the person who requested I buy her a Chemistry album o_O This song has a nice acoustic Spanish styled guitar in the background and a terrific beat. A bit of swing without being overbearing.

Katamari Damacy: The Moon and the Prince - (game) Katamari Damacy was the sleeper game of the year in the US. If you haven't played it you should! Not only is the simplistic game play of rolling up anything and everything on the earth addicting, but the soundtrack is well put together. A great mix of jazz, samba, techno, classical and funk. This is my favorite song from the soundtrack. It's a slightly more funky, pseudo-rap song.

Kick the Can Crew: キックOFF (Kick OFF) - (rap) Okay my friend has firmly made me a huge KtCC fan! The three guys are now doing solo projects (Kreva's solo CD isn't half bad either), but hopefully they haven't broken up for good and are pulling more of a Destiny's Child. This is from the Vitalizer album, my personal favorite so far. The guitar track laid behind the rap showcases the range KtCC uses. Their song "super orignal" doesn't lie. (boy that sounded cheesy, even to me >.<)

Kick the Can Crew: TORIIIIIICO (feat. CASSETTE) - (rap) A faster song than Kick OFF. This is my favorite song off of their magic number album. There is just no way you can't feel cheerful when listening to this and start bouncing around in your chair.

Natural Punch Drunker: Start on Me - (pop/folk rock) This was my cheap CD purchase of the week (I troll the used CD store once a week and try to buy an album for under 500yen that I've never heard before) They are a cute rock/popish band. Nothing really special so far, but I would be willing to listen to more. This song is all in English, not bad English either. It has a cute happy vibe.

Road of Major: 僕らだけの歌 (Bokura dake no uta, song just for you) - (rock) Just to get it out of my system, the lead singer is HOT! Alright I'm done now. RoM is a great rock band although I'm more partial to the sound of Bump of Chicken. Hopefully I can snag tickets to the RoM concert in June *fingers crossed*

Didn't get a chance to upload everything I wanted...coming soon songs from the new Spitz album, LOVE PSYCHEDELICO, GO!GO!7188 and some shamisen music.
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damn this lack of central heating! [Nov. 17th, 2004|09:03 pm]
One Sugar Dream
[mood |coldcold]
[music |Ryohei Yamamoto - Believe Me]

Japanese pop music videos are made by crack monkeys! Who told Tackey and Tsubasa it would be sexy to wear jeans, white t-shirts, and circus ringmaster jackets while doing baton tricks? Do I still love it all...yah okay I do! bah bah bah <3

Another small quick update for all those rabid enka fans (all 20 of us) My friend is a Hikawa Kiyoshi fanatic (she even joined his fan club once she got stationed in Japan) and brought over 4 of his CDs this past weekend for me to copy. Hikawa Kiyoshi is fairly young (around 27 I think) and falls in that ambiguous straight/gay category garnering grandma fans and younger ladies alike. He does have a very pure enka voice, and I think with the right material could cross over to pop rather easily.

I'm fairly bad at translating, but in the next few days I'll try to go back and answer people's comments from previous posts and translate the names of these songs.

Hikawa Kiyoshi: きよしのズンドコ節 - (enka) Probably one of his most famous songs. After the "zoon zoon zoon doko" everyone is supposed to make an "L" shape with their hand and go "Ki yo shi" to the beat.

Hikawa Kiyoshi: あの娘を訪ねて - (enka) Now this is hardcore enka ya'll. Those Misora Hibari songs are more accessible to a larger audience I think. The more I listen to him though the more he grows on me.

Hikawa Kiyoshi: あん時ゃどしゃぶり - (enka) For some reason he really reminds me of Clay Aiken....weird!

Oh has anybody seen the SMAP video for Shake? Can someone send it to me...I saw it on Daiji 10 tonight...and oh oh the cheesy velveeta goodness...not that I should be feeding my illicit Katori Shingo love >.< The shame! The shame!
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I miss Water Boys *sniff* [Nov. 9th, 2004|09:34 pm]
One Sugar Dream
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |100s - Honeycom.ware]

It must seem like I die for a weeks at a time. I'm still getting the hang of this teaching thing, but the kids are cute, I'm getting used to life in Japan and the music...plentiful (both the good and the attack of the Morning Musume clones...ooo now that would have been a scary Star Wars movie!)

At least with so little updating the songs stay up long enough for most people to grab them ^_~

Maaya Sakamoto: Kingfisher Girl

Misora Hibari: Kawa no nagare no you ni - (enka) There was a request for well known female enka and you don't get more well known than Misora Hibari! The queen of enka! Gah I love her and this is probably her most famous song. Start humming the opening bars of this and every Japanese person in the room joins in guranteed!

Kishidan: Secret Love Story - (jpop) Request for more Kishidan. This is actually their Christmas single from last year. So it's a little early for Christmas, but if my local store has a 5 foot inflatable Christmas Mickey Mouse on display I figure it's a-okay. I know it's part of their "image" but I would like Kishidan more without the stupid punk school kid hairstyles >.<

175R: GLORY DAYS - (jpunk) Okay you can tell I was stretching with J-punk, but 175R (pronounced inago rider)...think O.C. style No Doubt mixed with Sum 41 and Blink 182. Anyways these guys always have some great get up and go songs. Really fast, energetic, fun. My students love them along with Orange Range and aiko.

Yeah small update, but I actually opened up the request spreadsheet I keep so there's hope!
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