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One Sugar Dream

Emika's random MP3 selections

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It seems like I've been a Jmusic whore my entire life, but only have been able to indulge in this passion through the magic of the Internet.

I used to run an anime/jpop MP3 page, but with a full time job teaching Engglish I don't have time...but I do love to share music and get music to the people who want it, so this journal is here for that!

Please feel free to discuss the songs, Jmusic in general and what not ^_^ I love feedback.

I am not posting the latest hits from the Oricon charts, there are other journals that do that. I'm posting stuff that I enjoy, some of this may be quite old, but then again sometimes you miss stuff the first time around or it's fun to be re-introduced ^^

In order to keep my host from being mad at me I only have around 15 songs uploaded at 1 time (usually the most recent 3 updates worth) Feel free to e-mail me if you want a song re-posted, but DO NOT e-mail me telling me that you can't download every single song and yelling at me. Thanks!